What is IV Therapy?

If you picture a hospital room a patient is normally hooked up to an IV to get an intravenous solution. The solution is packed with vitamins, nutrients, medicines, and minerals that is tailored to them and what they need. The point of an intravenous solution is because taking medicine orally has a lot longer to take effect on the body. When it’s hooked into the vein, it gets absorbed immediately, therefore making you feel better faster.

Does IV therapy Really Work?

YES!!!!  IVs have been around for ages; this is just a new way of using the treatment, rather than go to the hospital acquiring an astronomical bill, we come right to your home. IV hydration is proven to be more effective than oral medications like pain relief or vitamins. When medicine is taken orally, you absorb 50% of it. Doing an IV you get almost 100% of what your body needs.

What is it Used For?

IV Hydration is used for different purposes –it replaces electrolytes lost from sweating or heat exhaustion. It can give you instant hangover relief from medication for a headache or nausea, combats fatigue, helps with sickness and so much more.

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